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Kuumbwa Jazz Presents: American Patchwork Quartet

February 21 @ 7:00 pm  |  Kuumbwa Jazz Center


Kuumbwa Jazz is pleased to present American Patchwork Quartet (APQ) on Feburary 21, 2023 at 7:00PM!

Join the live concert and support American Patchwork Quartet’s mission to reclaim the immigrant soul of American Roots Music as APQ weaves modern immigrant dreams into songs.

Tickets available for purchase here: American Patchwork Quartet – Kuumbwa Jazz

American Patchwork Quartet (APQ), led by multi-Grammy award-winning guitarist/vocalist Clay Ross, binds timeless American folk songs with jazz sophistication, country twang, West African hypnotics, and East Asian ornamentation. APQ’s sound is a masterful confluence of tradition and innovation, transcending culture, politics, and ideology.

A southern-born roots music aficionado, Ross is also the founder of the world-renowned Gullah group Ranky Tanky. In APQ, Ross intertwines with other Grammy-winning artists: Falguni Shah, an eleventh-generation Hindustani classical vocalist, Yasushi Nakamura, an internationally acclaimed Issei jazz bassist, and Clarence Penn, a drumming protégée of Ellis Marsalis whose fibers were honed by African American church traditions.

APQ resonates as a potent symbol of unity in diversity. It stands testament to the notion that, from a collage of varied backgrounds, a coherent and beautiful whole can be fashioned. Mirroring America’s cultural mosaic, APQ stitches together a story that’s both intricate and resilient. The fabric of their music is genuine—it neither feigns tolerance nor presents an overly-embellished image of unity. Instead, each carefully chosen piece dives deep into America’s patchwork soul and shares the joys, sorrows, and unwavering hope of a nation crafted by shared dreams and diverse histories.

Presented by Kuumbwa Jazz. Sponsored by The Humanities Institute.


February 21
7:00 pm