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Hannah Zeavin – Sigmund Freud: Tele-Analyst

Humanities 2, Room 359

In The Distance Cure: A History of Teletherapy, Hannah Zeavin shows that, far from a recent concern in the COVID-19 pandemic, teletherapy is as old as psychoanalysis itself. It may […]

Hannah Zeavin – Hot and Cool Mothers

Humanities 1, Room 210 1156 high st, Santa cruz, CA, United States

This event is co-sponsored by The Center for World History From the mid-1940s until the 1960s and beyond, class, race, and maternal function were linked in metaphors of temperature in pediatric […]

Benoit Challand – Violence and Representation in the Arab Uprisings

Humanities 1, Room 520 Humanites 1 University of California, Santa Cruz Cowell College, Santa Cruz, CA, United States

This event is sponsored by the THI Research Cluster Vernaculars of Travel in South Asia and the Middle East and Center for the Middle East and North Africa (CMENA) and […]

Living Writers – Karla Cornejo Villavicencio

Virtual Event

Karla Cornejo Villavicencio is the author of the National Book Award finalist The Undocumented Americans. Her work, which focuses on race, culture, and immigration, has appeared in The New York […]

POSTPONED – Linguistics Colloquia: Julia Swan

Humanities 1, Room 202

Julia Swan, SJSU Over the course of each year, the Linguistics department hosts colloquia by distinguished faculty from around the world. For full speaker and event information, please visit:

Dickens and Victorian Psychology: Introspection, First-Person Narration, and the Mind by Tyson Stolte

Virtual Event

Please join the Santa Cruz Dickens Fellowship and the Santa Cruz Pickwick Club for our May Pickwick Club talk by Associate Professor Tyson Stolte (New Mexico State University) who will be discussing Dickens and Victorian Psychology. Dickens and Victorian Psychology returns Dickens’s fiction to the midst of nineteenth-century debates about the nature of the mind, […]

Sebastián Gil-Riaño – Stolen Evidence: Indigenous Children and Bio-historical narratives of the Western Hemisphere during the Cold War

Humanities 1, Room 210 1156 high st, Santa cruz, CA, United States

The talk is sponsored by the Mellon Sawyer Seminar on Race, Empire, and the Environments of Biomedicine This talk examines how anthropologists and human biologists used abducted Indigenous children in South America as sources of evidence for a variety of bio-historical research projects during the Cold War. From 1930 to 1970, human scientists studying the […]

Roxanne Euben – The Power of Humiliation: Rhetoric, Retaliation and Resistance

Charles E. Merrill Lounge

From Trump to ISIS to the Arab uprisings, invocations of humiliation pervade the political landscape. But what does ‘humiliation’ mean exactly, and how does it work rhetorically? In this lecture on her current research, Professor Roxanne Euben develops an account of humiliation anchored in the way people actually use it in language, with a particular […]

Sebastián Gil-Riaño Reading Group – Mellon Sawyer Seminar on “Race, Empire, and the Environments of Biomedicine”

Humanities 1, Room 210 1156 high st, Santa cruz, CA, United States

"Indigenous Health and Infrastructures of Race" - In the past few decades, biomedical researchers and human biologists have called for more ethical guidelines for conducting fieldwork on Indigenous groups in South America. Included among these proposals is a call for greater “epidemiological surveillance” of remote Indigenous groups with the aim of reducing health disparities. This […]