Freedom and Race | 1 March 2018

New class: Freedom and Race


This spring, students from all colleges and majors will be able to take the first-ever class offering developed by The Humanities Institute. “This is a first for the Institute and for the university as a whole,” says Irena Polic, Managing Director of The Humanities Institute. “Thanks to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant, we’re able to see the 2018 Freedom and Race series expressed through our public programming, community outreach, and—now—curriculum.”

The interdisciplinary course explores the intersection of race and freedom in scholarly and public debates about migration, environmental racism, bioethics, and other topics. Readings draw from visual studies, critical race theory, and history as well as digital media and popular culture.

“Connecting public engagement, research and a robust classroom experience is invaluable,” says The Humanities Institute Director Nathaniel Deutsch. “I’m excited to see so many pieces come together this year. The Humanities is all about making connections—seeing the forest and the trees. This program allows us to to that.”

Course details:

Freedom and Race
Spring 2018
5 Units | Upper Division | GE: Ethnicity & Race
The course is offered at three UCSC colleges.
Students from all colleges and majors welcome.

Instructor: Veronika Zablotsky
TuTh 09:50AM – 11:25AM
R Carson Acad 242

Instructor: Bristol Cave-LaCoste
TuTh 05:20PM – 06:55PM
Cowell Com 132

Instructor: Alex Moore
TuTh 03:20PM – 04:55PM
Porter Acad 241