PhD+ Workshop Series

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PhD+ is a monthly workshop series focused on issues of interest to all graduate students. Workshops expand graduate student training and provide space for asking questions you might not know to ask.

Past topics include: possible career paths for PhDs, internship possibilities, refining your approach to grants and fellowships, defining a work/life balance, elements of style, and more. See past PhD+ workshops here.

Lunch is always provided.


Join us as during the 2018-2019 Academic Year as we explore the values driving your work and career decisions.


October 19

Navigating Career Choices Post PhD: Reflections on Work and Identity 
with Kelly Anne Brown and Shana Melnysyn (UC Humanities Research Institute)
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November 30

Defining a Values Driven Pedagogy Practice
with Kendra Dority (CITL, UCSC Lit PhD)
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January 25

Understanding the ACLS Public Fellows Program: Reflections from UCSC Alumni
with Sophia Magnone and Michael Ursell
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February 22

Submitting an Article to a Peer Review Journal 
with Gordon Hutner (University of Illinois)
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March 8

Building Online Identities with Humanities Commons
with Anne Donlon (MLA)
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April 12

The Future of the Humanities: High School Teaching and Innovative Curriculum
with Adam Casdin (Horace Mann)
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May 17

Writing for Graduate School and Beyond 
with Eric Hayot (Penn State)
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June 7

Research Development Workshop
with Irena Polic and Nathaniel Deutsch (THI, UCSC)
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