The Helen Diller Distinguished Lecture in Jewish Studies


The Helen Diller Distinguished Lecture in Jewish Studies

Every year, we honor Helen Diller, whose generous endowment continues to provide crucial support to Jewish Studies at UC Santa Cruz, by hosting a public lecture on campus by an internationally recognized scholar.

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April 9, 2024: Dr. Shamam Waldman: “What Can Genomics Teach Us About Jewish History”

February 8, 2023: Gershom Gorenberg: The Secret War against the Nazis for the Middle East

May 24, 2022: Twelve Tribes – A Conversation with Ethan Michaeli

February 17, 2021: Family Papers – A Conversation with Sarah Stein

March 19, 2020: The Future of Jewish Food – Cancelled

February 20, 2019: James Loeffler: “The Right to Be Heard: Jews, Human Rights, and Global Democracy”

November 2, 2017Marina Rustow: “The Cairo Geniza and the Middle East’s Archive Problem”

April 19, 2017Mitchell Duneier: “Ghetto: Invention of a Place, History of an Idea”

February 24, 2016Todd Presner: “The Ethics of the Algorithm: Holocaust Testimony and Digital Humanities”

May 18, 2015Maurice Samuels: “French Universalism and the Jews: Anti-Antisemitism and the Right to Difference”

February 24, 2014Steven J. Zipperstein: “How the 1903 Kishinev Pogrom Changed Jewish History”

May 8, 2013Ari Kelman: “Learning to be Jewish”

April 25, 2012ChaeRan Freeze: “Crafting an Elite Russian-Jewish Identity: Subjectivity and Gender in Diaries of Zinaida Poliakova”

February 16, 2011Robert Alter: “Translating the Bible: The Wisdom Books”