| 19 June 2018

The Problem of California: Landscapes, Infrastructures, Ecologies

About the Cluster We have probably all heard the factoid that if California were its own country, it would rank fifth in the world…


Human and Environmental Networks in East and Southeast Asia

About the Cluster The main intellectual objective of the cluster is to discuss the historical depth and regional connections of what we have conventionally…


After Neoliberalism

About the Cluster Recent developments around the world, such as the rise of authoritarianism, the emergence of rightwing populist movements with strongly racist and…

| 16 June 2017

Teaching and Learning in the Humanities Now

About the Cluster Over the past quarter century, a transformation has been occurring in higher education pedagogy. Until recently, preparation for teaching at the…


Syntax-Prosody in Optimality Theory (SPOT)

About the Cluster Syntax (from Greek σύνταξις, an abstract derivative of συντάσσω ‘put in order together, organize, arrange’), is the set of linguistic rules,…

| 2 August 2016

Narrative Building Blocks: Digital Resources for Linguistic and Literary Investigation

About the Cluster The study of narrative structure (and the imposition of narrative structuring) has been a fundamental question across a wide swath of…


The Language of Conservation Project

About the Cluster The Language of Conservation Project is a UC Santa Cruz, interdisciplinary initiative that seeks a radical change in how we talk…

| 28 June 2016

Reviving and Reimagining the Center for World History

About the Cluster This research cluster aims to revive and re-envision the Center for World History at UC Santa Cruz. We will focus on…

| 20 June 2016

Race, Violence, Inequality, and the Anthropocene

About the Cluster The contemporary moment is marked by global environmental change, the collapse of states and the reconfiguration of economies. This era, where…

| 2 September 2015

Computation, Culture, and Games 2016-17

About the Cluster The growth of digital humanities is making clear how computational technologies can augment many traditional humanities activities, from archival research to…

| 31 August 2015

Critical Leisure Studies 2015-16

About the Cluster While Leisure Studies as such is institutionalized as a professional training program for working with public recreation, children, disabled people, and…


Contemplative Pedagogy 2015-16

About the Cluster Contemplative Pedagogy in higher education is an integrated approach to teaching and learning that focuses attention on learning as a transformative…

| 13 June 2014

Directions in Digital Humanities

About the Cluster The Digital Humanities Research Cluster is a community of Faculty, Students, and Staff engaged in using technology to define new modes…

| 8 July 2013

Affect Working Group

About the Cluster The Affect Working Group, formed by Deborah Gould and Dana Takagi from Sociology and Carla Frecerro from Literature, draws together faculty…

| 7 July 2013

Complicated Labor 2014-15

About the Cluster The Complicated Labor Research Cluster is an interdisciplinary collaboration that brings together artists and scholars around questions of feminism, maternity, and…

| 6 July 2013

Crisis in the Cultures of Capitalism 2014-15

About the Cluster Capitalism has emerged as a central theme for research in the humanities. Since the global economic crisis of 2008, it has…

| 5 July 2013

Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

About the Cluster The Critical Race and Ethnic Studies research cluster aims to foster dialogue leading to the creation of an institutional home at…

| 3 July 2013

Santa Cruz Ellipsis Consortium

About the Cluster The Santa Cruz Ellipsis Consortium is a collaboration among faculty and students (undergraduate and graduate) in the language sciences at UCSC,…

| 1 July 2013

Working Group on the Study of Children 2014-15

About the Cluster The working group on the study of children brings together faculty and graduate students from multiple disciplines to explore how to…

| 15 June 2013

Asian Diasporas

About the Cluster The goal of the Asian Diasporas Research Cluster is to foster a much-needed space of collective critical inquiry for UC Santa…

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