Human Rights Investigations Lab


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Launched in Fall 2019, the Human Rights Investigations Lab for the Americas is dedicated to offering digital verification support to non-governmental organizations, news outlets, and other advocacy partners that are conducting open source investigations. Housed in the Research Center for the Americas (RCA) at UC Santa Cruz, this lab harnesses digital technologies to address and confront human rights violations. The lab’s mission is to extend the RCA’s commitment to “Dialogues without Borders” into the digital realm. The lab’s social justice mission is to track and monitor ongoing humanitarian, environmental and socio-political crises throughout the Americas by using open source investigative methods to promote justice and achieve accountability for communities adversely affected by human rights violations.

The Human Rights Investigations Lab is being funded by The Humanities Institute, the Santa Cruz Institute for Social Transformation, and the Division of Graduate Studies.

  • Director: Sylvanna Falcón, RCA Director and Associate Professor of Latin American and Latino/a Studies
  • Research Advisor: Saskia Nauenberg Dunkell, Research Program Manager, The Humanities Institute

For more information about the lab, please visit the RCA website or email

Photo of the Human Rights Lab inaugural cohort of students by Director Sylvanna Falcón.