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Sanctuary & Subjectivity Practices Workshop

Humanities 1, Room 210 1156 high st, Santa cruz, CA

Event Photos:   10:00 am – 12:00 pm Session 1: Chair: Prof. Megan Thomas "Re-rooting 'We Refugees': Lessons on the Conditions of Displacement from Hannah Arendt and Simone Weil" - Dr. Scott Ritner "Sites of Emancipation: Contributions from a Rancièrian Perspective" - Hannes Glück "Humanitarian Subjects in Neoliberal Times" - Veronika Zablotsky 12:00-1:30 pm: Lunch Break 1:30-3:30 pm Session 2: Chair: […]

Elizabeth Allen: “Sanctuary and Medieval Kings”

Humanities 1, Room 210 1156 high st, Santa cruz, CA

"Sanctuary and Medieval Kings" - Elizabeth Allen  American nationalist discourse casts sanctuary as “illegal”, but actually the practice always bears a relation to the law: sanctuary cities, universities, and churches call law to account. Sanctuary has a long legal history. In the Middle Ages, felons could avoid death by running to the church, and kings bolstered […]

Robert Nichols: Dilemmas of Dispossession in the Black Radical Tradition

Humanities 1, Room 210 1156 high st, Santa cruz, CA

  Numerous political and intellectual traditions have sought to leverage the language of self-ownership as a tool of radical critique, including Marxism, feminism, and Critical Race Theory. But do we 'own' ourselves in any meaningful or politically productive sense? This lecture considers the dilemmas involved in this question with particular reference to the Black Radical Tradition, […]

Anne Norton; “Theses on Democracy or, The People, Steering”

Humanities 1, Room 210 1156 high st, Santa cruz, CA

  Anne Norton is professor and department chair of political science at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Norton is the author of seven books, including On the Muslim Question and 95 Theses on Politics, Culture and Method. She is Co-Founding Editor of the journal Theory and Event and on the executive board of the journal […]

Bernard Harcourt: “The Counterrevolution Takes a New Right Turn”

Humanities 1, Room 210 1156 high st, Santa cruz, CA

  Bernard E. Harcourt is a contemporary critical theorist and social justice advocate. Harcourt is the Isidor and Seville Sulzbacher Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science at Columbia University. He is the founding director of the Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Thought at Columbia University. He is also a Directeur d’études (chaired professor) […]

Dylan Riley: Capitalism, Democracy, and Authoritarianism – A Reconsideration 

Humanities 1, Room 210 1156 high st, Santa cruz, CA

Dylan Riley is Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the author of The Civic Foundations of Fascism in Europe: Italy, Spain, and Romania 1870-1945 (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010, Verso, 2019). He is also the co-author of a two-volume work with Rebecca Jean Emigh and Patricia Ahmed entitled Antecedents of Censuses: From Medieval […]

CANCELLED: Nancy Luxon – Switch Points of Power: Psychodynamics of state legitimation and neoauthoritarianism

Humanities 1, Room 202

Recent political trends not just in the United States but globally have led to speculation about the resurgence of authoritarianism and an “authoritarian personality.” As the usual orientations of Left and Right held in place by a liberal status quo begin to falter, social science looks for new frameworks through which to describe these political […]